Bust a Move!

One of the reasons why I love social media so much is the ability to connect quickly with like-minded people and causes!

I was recently asked to participate in a very cool event that is attached to a very important cause.

Tomorrow, March 24, I will be busting a move for breast health!

I will be joining hundreds of people for a day of fitness. It’s not your ordinary aerobics class, instead we get to choose from kickboxing, zumba, salsa dancing, and yoga to lift our spirits and improve our health! And of course you get to watch me gracefully engage each class in real-time! I know, I know…BEST SATURDAY MORNING TV EVER!

Bust a Move for Breast Health originated in Halifax about two years ago. It has now hit the road and added St. Johns, Montreal, Ottawa and Edmonton to the list!

The event in Edmonton is being hosted by the Alberta Cancer Foundation to help raise valuable funds for breast health across Alberta.

Of course I accepted the challenge, and I took the pledge:

  • I will dance, sing and laugh my way to better health
  • I will celebrate the choices I make to stay healthy – the carrot stick instead of the Twinkie, the glass of water instead of the far-more-delicious soda, yoga instead of the movies.
  • I will not let the fear of silliness or sweat stand in the way of healthier breasts for all womankind.
If you haven’t registered, but want to be involved then help us spread the word! Here’s how:
  1. You can talk about it on twitter using their handle @baM_Edmonton.
  2. You can like them on Facebook.
  3. You can also make a donation!
If you want to make sure I am keeping up and staying healthy then follow me tomorrow on Twitter at @pamellalee!
OH WAIT…one last important thing…I get to sweat it your with Richard Simmons! You can follow Richard Simmons on Twitter at @TheWeightSaint and on Facebook.
It has always been my dream to bust a move at a real live Disco!


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